Exhibition Plans

. The Plan of the Main Venue ( 9 Zones are planned )

Domestic Periodical Zone Exhibition and sale of domestic periodicals, including central administered publishers, PLA exhibitors, provincial (autonomous regions and municipal) exhibitors
Overseas Periodical and Publication Zone Exhibition of overseas periodicals, newspapers, books, audio-video publications, and the activities of the Country of Theme
New Media Zone Exhibition of new technologies, new applications, new carriers, new products and new media of digital publishing
Exhibition of Periodicals from Publishing Houses and Retail Zone On-site trade and order of domestic periodicals, books, audio-video and digital publications from publishing houses
Copyright Negotiation Zone  
Advertisement Exhibition and Negotiation Zone Periodical advertisement, distribution promotion and negotiation area
Activity Zone Press release area, celebrity seminar area, forums, salons and other activities
Periodical Distribution and Order Zone (Private Ownership)
Theme Hall Zone Assembled periodicals from central government institutions, periodicals on photography, hygiene and health, real estate, adolescence or mother and baby, female, cartoon and animation, education, automobile, film and television, and art.

. The Plan of the Sub-venue
The Sub-venue will be set in Xiangyang. Main events there include Periodical Exhibition of Hanjiang River Basin, “The Memory of the Periodical” Picture Exhibition, Local Periodical Development Forum (or economy forum).