Insisting on the thought of “market management and government promotion” to run the exhibition; achieving the combination of “periodical and book”, “subscription and reading”, “display and sale”; according to the 5 requirements of professionalization, brand, internationalization, standardization and marketing;continuing to follow the way of “specialization, excellence, characteristic and innovation”, CPF will create opportunities of direct meeting, negotiation and cooperation for the publishers, distributors, advertisers and consumers, and will provide a platform of full range of services to accelerate the press and publication industry to grasp developing tendencies, expand developing channels, promote market competitiveness and enlarge influence, so that it will gradually become the professional exhibition with industrial charisma and international influence.

Exhibition Measures

To strive for participation of all domains
To establish brand forums
To develop brand activities
To strengthen the function of the platforms
To continue setting Province of Honour and the Sub-venue
To set the zone of the “Country of Theme” to promote internationalization. The Republic of Korea will be the Country of Theme for 2018CPF.
To strengthen the construction of the Theme Hall
To hold the exhibition of “The Memory of the Periodical——the 200-year Chronicle of Chinese Periodical”
To implement for the first time that visitors buying tickets for entry (Professional Day)
To extend the applicable scale of the “beneficent ticket of book and periodical”.
To continue setting the Professional Day and the Public Day, and inviting more professional visitors.
To strengthen the activities of the “celebrity tours” and the “campus tours”
To hold activities of the CPF “Literature Night” and “100 Periodicals into Cafes”
To upgrade the CPF website to strengthen the interaction online and offline