Time and Place

Time:Sep. 14th – Sep. 16th, 2018
Public Day:Sep. 14th & 15th & 16th
Main Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center (No.619, Yingwu Ave, Hanyang, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, P. R. China)
Sub-venue: Shiyan City

Exhibition Area Layout

Main exhibition area in total 60,000 square meters, layout as follows:
1)Domestic Periodical Exhibition Area (20,000 sqm)
2)Overseas Periodical and Publication Exhibition Area (10,000 sqm)
3)Library Acquisition & Trade Area (10,000 sqm)
4)Periodical Sidelines (20,000 sqm)

Exhibition Stand Fees

1)Overseas Periodical and Publication Exhibition Area, Standard stand ( 3m x 3m) 1,600USD or 10,000RMB / each Instruction: Each standard stand will be equipped with 2 posters, lintel board, 1 consulting table, 2 chairs, 1 power socket of 220v, 2 lamps (appropriate adjustments can be made according to stand layout for 2 or more standard stands), 2 exhibition badges.

2)Free Accommodation: 1 single room (3-star hotel with buffet)

3)Special offer: CWPF 1 Standard stand + AJE 1 full display Unit Original rate: $2400/¥15000 Discount rate: $1920/¥12000