Exhibition Events

A. Main Forums and Activities
Opening Ceremony
2018 Periodical Media International Innovation and Development Forum
World Periodical Copyright Seminar and Periodical Copyright Development and Exploitation in Internet
2018 National Newspaper and Periodical Distribution Summit
The Selection Activity of Top 100 National Post Periodical & Post Distribution Enterprises of 2018
2018 Year Report of Innovations in World Magazine Media
The Release of China Periodical Brand Impact of the Year
China Periodical Distribution Industry Innovation Forum
China Periodical International Summit Forum
Media Advertising Operation and Innovative Development Summit
Overseas Digital Publishing and Library Resource Construction High-end Forum
The Reporter Group of University Students Visiting CPF, The International Photography Competition of “100 Photographers Visiting 2018CPF”
2018 Education Periodical Development Forum
Periodical Combination and Development Forum
“One Belt and One Road” International Periodical Publishing Forum
B. Brand Activities
The Selection Activity of 2018 Most Beautiful Periodical in China and International Periodical Art Design and Binding Seminar
The Serial Activities of Chinese Famous Journalists from Famous Periodicals Visiting Hubei Province and Visiting CPF
The Devotion Activity for the “Encourage Learning Library”
University Tours of CPF
Literature Night
“100 Periodicals into Cafes” Activity